Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 This Web Site, www.yournailsyourplace.com, is operated by Your Nails Your Place Ltd.

1.2 Please read this Terms carefully before making Your Booking. Occasionally, We will update these Terms. The Terms published on the Website at the time You place Your Order will apply, so You should read them each time You purchase or make a Booking with Us.

2. What the words actually mean

2.1 When the following words (with capital letters) are used in these Terms, this is what they will mean

  • Contract means the Contract between You and Us, which includes these Terms
  • Treatment means the services that We provide to You
  • Booking means the service(s) that You have purchased on Our Website
  • Visit means the Treatment(s) performed by Us at Your Address
  • Address means the place to which You ask Us to come to You for Your Visit
  • Terms means these Terms and Conditions, which We will update occasionally. Any changes will take effect from the date they appear on the Website and shall only apply to transactions from that date.
  • We/Us/Our/YNYP means Your Nails Your Place Ltd
  • You/Your means the person that places the order with

3. Prices & Payment

3.1 We have the right to amend Treatment prices at any time with no notice period.

3.2 The price You will pay will be the current price at the time You place Your Booking with Us. Promotional prices only apply during the period stated.

3.3 All prices on Our Website are in UK pounds.

3.4 We only accept payments by Electronic Bank Transfer or a prepaid voucher. We do not accept cheques or cash. Tips can be given to Our Manicurists, should You choose to further compliment them.

3.5 If paying by gift voucher, You will be required to provide either the gift voucher or the pre-printed electronic gift voucher, if purchased from the site, at time of Visit for payment.

3.6 We reserve the right to amend or cancel discount voucher codes with no notice period.

4. Booking availability & website accuracy

4.1 By placing a Booking with Us, You're accepting these Terms, as well as Our Terms of Website Use set out below.

4.2 Any Treatments, services or information displayed on this Website should not be regarded as an offer, invitation, solicitation, advice or recommendation to buy a product or services on the Website.

4.3 Certain promotions have very specific terms and conditions, which will be shown on the description of the offer. These are in addition to these Terms, which will also still apply.

4.4 Once an appointment is confirmed, cancellation requires 24 hours notice, any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full price.

4.5 If there is a need for Us to cancel Your appointment for any reason; as much notice as possible will be given, using the contact details you have provided. An alternative appointment will be optioned to You for the inconvenience caused.

4.6 If for any reason the scheduled time for Your appointment is not met, 'waiting time' is charged at a rate of £5 per 15 minutes. To avoid this, it is important to stay punctual, not only for the benefit of You and Us, but also for the respect to the following bookings throughout the day.

4.7 Images of Treatments on this Website are for illustrative purposes only. Your Treatment setup may vary slightly from the image shown on the Website depending on setup circumstances at Your Address.

5. Treatments

5.1 Treatment times are a mere guide. Treatments can take longer depending on You, the client.

5.2 Set up and tidy up is required and is a minimum of 10 minutes. If the window to complete your treatment is short, please contact Us to confirm how long a set of treatments will take.

5.3 In some cases, if You have a medical condition that would be negatively affected by the treatment, We will not be able to carry out the Treatment. We would not be able to diagnose conditions to You, however if necessary You would be referred to Your GP.


6.1 Gift Vouchers are non refundable

6.2 Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase

6.3 A Gift voucher is valid for one visit only. i.e a voucher cannot be carried over for multiple visits.

6.4 Please ensure that the individual entitled to the voucher lives within the area covered Us. In cases where they are outside Our coverage areas, kindly note it will be Your responsibility to inform them of Our call-out charge.


7.1 Stamps are given 'one' per visit. i.e a client having a manicure and pedicure in one visit will be given one stamp, not two.

7.2 Your fourth stamp, confirmed by Visit, entitles You to £5.00 off Your total bill.

7.3 Your eighth stamp, confirmed by Visit, entitles You to a free Gel Polish or deduction from Your total bill.


8.1 Working hours are inclusive.

8.2 If You'd like to make an Booking outside the working hours, or if Your Booking commences/is prolonged outside the working hours, an additional rate of £10 per Treatment will be added. Please note: e.g. if you would like a manicure and pedicure outside the working hours, this would be classified as 'two' treatments, not one.

9. Visits at Address

9.1 We will Visit You at the Address You have provided to Us at time of Booking, unless another Address is given for an alternative Booking.

9.2 We may send You an SMS to remind You of Your Booking.

9.3 We are fully insured. We shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by any of Us at duration of Visit.

9.4 Bookings are confirmed on the condition that there is no major complications that will hinder Us to perform a Treatment on You. You should tell Us about any special requirements or conditions at time of Booking.

9.5 If You are not at home when We Visit, We reserve the right to charge You at full price.

9.6 We cover various areas of the South West region of London, namely; Balham, Barnes, Chelsea, Clapham, Fulham, Wandsworth, Putney, Streatham, Westminster and Wimbledon.

9.7 Call-out fee is a flat rate of £10 per visit within areas of SW London postcodes.

9.8 Visits can be requested outside the areas in clause 9.6. Outer areas within Greater London are an additional £5 to the rate stated in clause 9.7. This totals the call-out flat rate to £15 per Visit.

9.9 For Special events outside Greater London (and Nationwide), an additional call-out rate of 40 pence/per mile is charged. Unless stated in Your initial quote upon booking, this is charged on top of the rate stated in clause 9.7

10. Changing your mind

10.1 You have the right to amend or to cancel Your Booking either before or up to 24 hours before Your Treatment commences.

10.2 If You cancel a Booking within the 24 hour window before Your Treatment commences, You will be charged the actual cost or at full price. This charge will generally be invoiced separately to You.

10.3 Treatments bought for Your friends through Our website or are non-refundable.

11. Terms of website use

11.1 Our suppliers and We are the owners of the copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the material and content of this Website. You may only use the material contained on this website for Your own personal and non- commercial use.

11.2 You agree not to intentionally misuse this Website.

11.3 The Website may contain links to other websites unrelated to Us. We are not responsible for the content or practices of these websites.

12. General

12.1 Sometimes, there might be things that We can't control that may mean We're delayed in, or prevented from, fulfilling Our Visit to Your Address. These might include things such as accidents, breakdowns, fire, flood, storm, acts of God, war, riot, and civil commotion, malicious damage. We will try to put things right as soon as We can but as You'd expect, We can't be responsible where this causes a delay or failure in fulfilling Our Visit to You. However, We will try to give You as much notice as possible.

12.2 The Contract sets out everything we've agreed about Our Booking Terms (and anything else mentioned in the Contract) and supersedes any previous agreement we might have discussed or entered in relation to the Contract. Because the Contract contains everything we've both agreed, neither of us relies on any other statement, representation, warranty or understanding made during the discussions leading up to the Booking. As You'd expect, this won't apply if either of us has been fraudulent.

12.3 If either of us decides not to enforce our rights (or we delay in doing so), that won't stop Us from enforcing those rights at a later stage.

12.4 This Contract is just between the two of us. Accordingly, nobody else has any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce the terms of this Contract.

12.5 The Goods are only intended for normal domestic use by You as a consumer and not for resale or any kind of industrial or commercial use.

12.6 If either of us wants to change any part of the Contract, then we'll have to ask the other one and note down any agreed change in writing.

12.7 Because Your Address is in the United Kingdom and We're based in the United Kingdom, This Contract is covered by English law. In the highly unlikely event of any court action relating to the Contract, we have both agreed that this should take place in the English Courts.

12.8 This Website is operated by Your Nails Your Place Ltd, which has its registered office at 169 Hulverston Close, Belmont, Surrey SM2 6UA. We are registered in England and Wales with company number 7720876.